It's ACD.980 year, on the earth.

World is almost destroried by the 「Zombie」.

Human-C learned a lot of things trough the fighting with the Zombie for 5 thousands years.

Such as climbing the tree rapidly, Keep silence when the Zombie near.

Find food in the dash of the zombie world.

There are no human any-more, Only human-C as refered before.

" How long after your last food?" The 「X」 asked his children.

" Amost a week." chirld said.

" We must find some food, you are still a young boy..." said the X.

" But i am scared by the Zombie, they made a lot of 「food trap」, they are eat our body, drink our blood, they even have a festival for eating us."

"We have no choice, boy, we only is food on the eyes of most of them. "「X」said sadly.

" But we have master the world before right daddy, We catch the rats and we stay with them, we make fun for them..."

"But not now, it's ever..." X interrupt his children.

" What happened after we make friends with Zombie?"

" I don't kown, our meat and blood is not dilicious even..."

" Zombie smile to me, yesterday..."

" It's only another trap... don't belive any Zombie... hidden in the dark, don't make any noise...."

"Remember this rule...Climbing the tree..."

" got it, daddy!"

It's ACD.980, A Zombie world for Human-C.